1. outstare, stare down, stare out of countenance, outface, face down, face out, outlook; outdare, outbrave, brazen out or through; withstand, stand, endure, hold up, hold out, brave, not flinch or shrink from, Inf. bite the bullet.
2. defy, bid defiance, set at defiance, thumb one's nose at, cock a snoot at, snap one's fingers at, flout, slight, set at naught; beard, pluck by the beard, put one's head in the lion's mouth, march up to the cannon's mouth, bell the cat, take the bull by the horns.
3. challenge, dare, double-dare, Sl. double-do-dare, fling down the gauntlet, knock the chip off [s.o.'s] shoulder, slap in the face; confront, front, meet, meet face to face, meet head-on, Inf. meet eyeball to eyeball, square off; face, face up to, stand up to, look full in the face, look straight in the eyes.

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